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01.03.14 LamarqueFilm partners with CREW Marketing to produce a commercial for the Greenhouse Growers Association.  
01.06.13 LamarqueFilm partners with The Marketplace Institute to produce ten, forty minute educational videos.  
01.05.13 LamarqueFilm completes principle production on the feature Alone Time  
01.03.13 LamarqueFilm partners with Nukem Nice to produce a music video for 93 Hours.  
01.02.13 LamarqueFilm partners with Geoff Inverarity to produce a feature length pyschological drama Alone Time  
01.05.12 LamarqueFilm partners with Stephane Seroussi and Christina Walls to produce a Music Video for Carry Me To Paradise  
01.04.12 LamarqueFilm partners with Graham F. Pritz-Bennett to produce a dramatic short The Heartless  
10.03.12 LamarqueFilm premieres. Dancing with Shadows.  
05.11.11 LamarqueFilm provides the gear and production services for the cinematography of Terry Miles and Kristine Cofsky's feature. In No Particular Order..  
15.10.11 LamarqueFilm enters into an agreement with iThentic to showcase a few of our award winning short films. A Taste for Revenge.  
01.06.11 LamarqueFilm completes color timing on Tracey D. Smith's feature Everthing and Everyone.  
08.06.11 LamarqueFIlm completes production of the music video. Swimming with Piranhas
08.31.10 LamarqueFilm completes production of the music video Rome Muchmusic.ca
08.31.09 LamarqueFilm partners with Hale! Marketing to develop marketing strategies for film projects.  
09.30.08 LamarqueFilm partners with Spin West VFX to create creature effects for Revulsion test shoot.